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Pharmaceutical Supply Chains II

A summer Training School on "Medicines Shortages" (COST Action CA15105) addressing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains (SC) is to be held at Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre (IPP). Teachers, researchers, MSc/PhD students and practitioners will meet at Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão (ESTG/IPP), Portalegre, Portugal, 03-07 July-2017, to discuss MORE ADVANCED TOPICS on Pharmaceutical SC within the COST Action "Medicines Shortages" (CA15105) , European Medicines Shortages Research Network - addressing supply problems to patients.




The program includes a SEMINAR open to the general public in the very first day (03-July-2017). The purpose of the seminar is to introduce the Training School, its aims, the programme, give insight on Pharmaceutical SC, foster interchange among senior researchers, post-docs, MSc./PhD. students, promote discussion, and to stimulate new ideas among the participants.


 Technical sessions on Pharmaceutical SC:
Design, planning, and scheduling; Uncertainty and risk;
(2) MCDM, Suppliers Selection, supplies and shortages;
(3) DSS and computational issues.
LAB-session: "hands-on" training using advanced computational tools and case studies.


A fully follow up of the 5-days is strongly recommended for those participants interested in "Medicines Shortages" and in Pharmaceutical SC. However, attending either the seminar-day, the workshop, or only one of the technical sessions can be allowed upon registration.


Aida Batista (EAHP, PT): Medicines shortages, Hospital Pharmacy needs 


Ana Amaro (ISCAC, Coimbra, PT): Design, planning, and scheduling; Uncertainty and risk.


Andrea Genovese (US, Sheffield, UK): Suppliers Selection, supplies and shortages


Elfi De Weerdt (KU Leuven, Leuven, BE): Landscape Analysis and outreach


Giuseppe Bruno (UNINA, Naples, IT): MCDM, supplies and shortages.


Helena Jenzer (Univ. of Bern CH): The European Medicines Shortages Research Network


Henrique Matos (IST, Lisbon, PT): Design, supercritical extraction, co-crystallization.


João Miranda (IPP, Portalegre, PT): DSS and computational issues.


Jorge Soares, Roy Cecil (IBM): Watson, Cognitive Computing, AI, Machine Learning


Maurizio Battistini (EIPG, CH): Shortages of Medicines originating from manufacturing


Miguel Casquilho (IST, Lisbon, PT): DSS and computational issues.


Tomasz Bochenek (Inst. Public Health , Krakow, PL): The impact of shortages on outcomes


Wai Peng Wong (USM, Malaysia): Performance of Pharmaceutical SC in South East Asia

Invited Speakers



LAB-Sessions: The agenda and the hardware requirements will be made available in due time.


Due to several restrictions, the maximum recommended number of participants for the computational practice is 40 (forty) , the places being allocated following a regularized inscription order.




The supporting grants and the enrolment prices correspond to the usual procedures in courses and training schools organized by IPP and on behalf of the COST Actions (COST Participate):


















(1) Applicants from countries/institutions associated to the Action 15105,
"Medicines Shortages":

The expenses are supported on behalf of COST rules, namely, the travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs (Number of Grants: 30, thirty, COST Vademecum ).



REGISTRATION >>> click here for the e-form




(2) Members of Action CA15105, "Medicines Shortages":
20 /day to support lunches and coffee-breaks provided by the COST organization;
documentation and certificate are provided too.




(3) External Participants:
the payment for the Seminar (Monday, 03-July) includes the lunch, 2 (two) coffee-breaks, documentation, and certificate.


REGISTRATION >>> e-mailing the Local Organizer

until 26-June-2017 !!!




Applicants from other COST countries/institutions:

Applicants from other COST countries/ institutions are welcome and a few number of places is reserved.

This number can be increased if the applicants from the associated countries/institutions do not fulfill their quota (30, thirty). However, the number of participants is limited and priority will be given to the applicants from the associated countries/institutions.

Beyond the applicant′s CV and his motivation, we suggest that the application includes two presentation letters.

If selected, the applicant from the non-associated COST country can be partially supported (accommodation and/or subsistence).


Applicants either from non-associated COST countries/institutions or other countries (Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries ) shall contact the Local Organizer for further information.


REGISTRATION >>> e-mailing the Local Organizer !

GPS: N 39° 16′ 07.41

W 07° 26′ 32.51



Beyond the public transportion to ESTG/IPP ,
transfers are to be made available.



Portalegre (Maps)


Castelo de Vide







Accommodation in IPP facilities is planned, namely at the IPP residence of Assentos, and transfers are considered to be made available too.


 IO2015, XVII Portuguese Operational Research Congress

"Medicines Shortages" (COST ACTION CA15105)
Training School

Portalegre, Portugal, 03-07 July-2017


João Luís de Miranda

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão

Campus Politécnico N. 10

7300-555 Portalegre



CERENA-Centro de Recursos Naturais
Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa


Phone: +351-245.300.284

Fax: +351-245.300.230





Member of CA15105 Action(1)

COST rules:
travel, accommodation,


Student, researcher, staff of Public Institution associated to the CA15105 Action(2)

20 /day


Practitioner, Managerial Staff of company or private stakeholder associated to the CA15105 Action(2)

20 /day


External Participant(3)